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Month: January 2015

Why Do Sports Bring Out the Worst in Some People?

We’ve all seen and heard it. We’ve been at a Little League baseball game where tempers started to flare and parents got angry and started yelling at the umpire. Or we’ve been at football games where people got angry and started throwing stuff at one another. Some people absolutely lose their minds over sports, but why? What is it about sports that sometimes bring the worst out in people? Here are a few thoughts.

Competition. Competition, even if it’s something silly like a board game with your family, can really set people off at times. Some people are really bad winners, and other people are really bad losers. Put them together, and you usually end up with a screaming contest or people who won’t talk to each other because of how frustrated they are at a situation.

Energy. Energy is a great thing, and people at a sports event do everything that they can to get excited. The announcers will hype up what is going on, the mascots will run around and get people excited, and the team will work to get their fans pumped up. But sometimes, that energy will overflow and people will start to utilize it in the wrong way. They may lose their tempers because the energy is so high, and they’re just kind of sitting at a tipping point, waiting to go one way or the other with it.

Could a Four-Point Shot be Added to Basketball?

Every once in a while, the rules in a sport will change to help make the game more exciting and draw a bigger audience. Although, some changes are not always welcome, they are made to better the game. One of the changes being contemplated by the National Basketball Association is instituting a four-point shot. Currently, there are only two ways to shoot for four points. They are getting fouled after making a three-point shot and shooting a free throw or getting fouled on a two-point shot and making two free throws. The three-point shot was introduced to the NBA during the 1979-1980 season. It was adopted from the American Basketball Association that had merged with the NBA. As the professional basketball game changes, so does the collegiate game. After the NBA adopted the three-point shot, college basketball did as well, but it took a few more years to be added nationally by the NCAA. The Southern Conference added the shot the same year as the NBA and other conferences adopted it over the next five years. Eventually, it was adopted nationally by the NCAA in 1986. Livescore Bongdaso


The three-point line in college basketball is 19 feet 9 inches and the NBA three-point line is 22 ft. around the basket. As there has been no serious talk about adding a four-point line to the NBA court, there hasn’t been a discussion about whether the NCAA would also add a four-point line. Some basket announcers have suggested letting both the NBA and NCAA award four-points for a half-court shot, but there hasn’t been any official discussions about that idea. Many players become three-point specialists and college players aiming to play in the NBA learn to shoot a three-pointer at 22 ft. Adapting to a four-point shot wouldn’t be difficult for many three-point specialists. However, depending on where the line would be placed, it could be problematic to add a four-point shot without changing the dimensions of the basketball court. Changing the dimensions of the court in some NBA arenas would mean redesigning the configuration of the arena set-up, which could cost millions of dollars. That could be one reason behind the NBA not seriously discussing the idea of adding another long shot on the court. Even though the idea may not be feasible now, it could be introduced in the future and be adopted. A four-point shot would change the game of basketball as we know it today.