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Why Do Sports Bring Out the Worst in Some People?

We’ve all seen and heard it. We’ve been at a Little League baseball game where tempers started to flare and parents got angry and started yelling at the umpire. Or we’ve been at football games where people got angry and started throwing stuff at one another. Some people absolutely lose their minds over sports, but why? What is it about sports that sometimes bring the worst out in people? Here are a few thoughts.

Competition. Competition, even if it’s something silly like a board game with your family, can really set people off at times. Some people are really bad winners, and other people are really bad losers. Put them together, and you usually end up with a screaming contest or people who won’t talk to each other because of how frustrated they are at a situation.

Energy. Energy is a great thing, and people at a sports event do everything that they can to get excited. The announcers will hype up what is going on, the mascots will run around and get people excited, and the team will work to get their fans pumped up. But sometimes, that energy will overflow and people will start to utilize it in the wrong way. They may lose their tempers because the energy is so high, and they’re just kind of sitting at a tipping point, waiting to go one way or the other with it.